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This restaurant provides a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful views and great food and drinks. According to my children, the steamed mussels were the best they had in Greece, and the seafood linguine was absolutely delicious.

The food and drinks were meticulously made and the prices are similar to other restaurants.

j. wilder

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Our place in Syros! Friendly people,always smiling, good food olso for vegetarian and gluten free people. Wonderful and peaceful view.

The best in Syros.

Valentina Biscarini

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Taste the best of Greek Cuisine in a magnificent location in the bay of Vari! Had a great time from the morning in the bitch with some "meze" and later in the tavern.

If I visit Syros again I will definitely spent more time in Achladi.

Gabriel Jones

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enjoy the tastiest cocktails on the island just feet from the sea...

Achladi Beach, Syros

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